Student Frequently asked questions

Please do not stress if your English isn’t fluent yet. Your host family doesn’t expect you to speak perfectly. We encourage you to not be afraid of asking anyone to repeat the sentence. (it is most important that you understand rather than dismiss the information)

The more questions you ask, the more you will practice and your English will improve in no time at all.

Though we always encourage you to be open-minded in trying unfamiliar foods, it is important (and completely ok!) to discuss with your host family about their meals.

Your host family may even ask you from the beginning what foods you do/do not like as they are willing to understand and compromise their cooking to make it more comfortable with you. Don’t forget to tell them when you like a certain dish so they can remember to make it again for you.

If you are feeling unwell or are suffering from a mild injury, you should inform one of your host parents immediately.

You may be taken to see a local doctor if required. In case of serious injury, your host family will immediately take you to the local hospital to receive emergency care. HHA will then notify your parents and educational provider.

It is your responsibility for all medical costs but you can claim the costs from your health insurance, OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover) – Please note you need to keep the medical certificate after seeing the doctor for claim the medical bill.

Host families understand that accidents can happen to anyone and everyone can make mistakes.

However, you must tell them what happened as early as possible. Your host family will then inform HHA about the damage, and we will process the damage claim.

Each homestay could have slightly different house rules – which (if necessary) your host family will discuss with you.

As a Homestay student, there is a general guideline that your host family expects from you. For further information please see the Student Guideline

If you wish to move from your current homestay, you will firstly need to discuss it with your education provider or HHA. Your host family will need to be informed 2 weeks before your moving date. HHA will inform them once your moving date is confirmed.