Frequently asked questions

The length of the stay will depend on the student, it can vary from less than a week to a few years. You are able to state on the Host Application Form your hosting duration preference.

Students generally prefer to be close to their education provider. HHA ensures students will be able to reach their location within less than 45 minutes of traveling time.

Majority of students over the age of 14 will travel using public transportation. There are some cases where the student will request otherwise, however we will discuss these arrangements to make sure they are suitable for you.

Not at all, however it is required that you can speak English fluently. Some students request the same nationality of the host family, but they do appreciate the time to practise their English with you, thus building up their confidence.

The level of English amongst students can really vary. It is good to keep in mind that the aim for many students that come to Australia is to improve their English skills. In general students with limited English will be better at reading and writing than listening and speaking. HHA really encourages you to be patient and supportive hosts as your students continue to develop their English.

Interacting with your student/s is really important for them to understand and enjoy the Australian lifestyle. Here are some great ways to make them feel a part of the family;

  • Try to be together at mealtimes
    Mealtimes are a great opportunity to bring your family together and engage everyone in open conversations.
  • Involve them in your hobbies / be involved in their hobbies
    Students will be able to connect closer with your family if you involve them in your family activities.
    This could be (for example) letting them watch your child’s sport practise or taking them to your music concerts.
    The idea is to give your student/s the experience and teach them a little along the way.
    As well as your own hobbies, it is important to notice and support your student’s interests. You don’t have to be heavily involved but watching a few of their trainings / performances could mean a lot to them.
  • Enjoy some fun!
    There a plenty of options to spend great time with your students;
    – Go on walks
    – Play a boardgame
    – Watch a movie
    – Bake a cake
    – Have the occasional family outing
    – Take your student/s to some of your favourite places
  • Share the chores
    Though students are required to keep their bedrooms neat and tidy, involve them in some light chores around the house. Students will not only enjoy the extra time with you but feel they are a helpful member of the family. Here are some ideas to do together;
    – Set the table for meals
    – Clean up the dishes after meals
    – Go grocery shopping
    – Water the garden
    – Feed the pets
    – Do the laundry

We encourage you to confront your student in an open-minded conversation to discuss the issue. However, if the conversation isn’t very effective, please contact HHA – we offer 24/7 support for both hosts and students. HHA will try to resolve the issue however if you still wish to move your student, we will rearrange a new homestay for them within 14 days.

Yes. However if your family doctor isn’t available, please assist your student to see any general practitioner (GP). The student is responsible for all costs incurred.
All international students must obtain their own health insurance, OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover). Students receive their health card from their school upon their first arrival.

Please contact HHA after addressing the damage in conversation with your student. Please note that ‘Damage’ does not include normal wear and tear on household items.
HHA will send you the ‘Homestay Claim Form’ which is to be completed and then sent back to HHA. Please note that host families need to claim through their own home contents insurance if the damage is over $400.

No. HHA collects fees from the student’s parents or their Education Provider in advance, then fortnightly transfers the ‘host weekly fee’ into your bank account. This way HHA can keep track of payments and ensure you receive them on time.