Host Requirements

It is your responsibility as the host to...

  • Provide your student/s with a safe, comfortable, and caring living environment. Just as you would do for any member of your family.
  • Be supportive; encourage your student/s to learn, speak, follow house rules, and adopt the new living environment.
  • Exercise supervisory and parental responsibility to ensure your student/s well-being.
  • Encourage your student/s to participate in any of your family parties/gatherings. Introduce them to your neighbours and friends, so your student/s feel like they are part of the family.
  • Monitor the student’s health and wellbeing, and take appropriate action when required.
  • Notify the school if your student/s will be late or absent on any day.
  • Be in close contact with HHA and the School’s International Student Coordinator. Promptly address any problems/concerns (e.g. study, behaviour, sickness) that arise regarding your student/s.
  • Contact HHA two weeks prior if you intend to be away from home, as we need to arrange alternative accommodation for your student/s.

Student bedroom/home standards:

  • The student’s bedroom must have a window, clean, comfortable furnishing bedroom, with its study desk and wardrobe. Please also provide adequate heating and cooling.
  • The student’s bedroom is entirely for their use, it should not be used/accessed by the host or other family members for any reason (such as storage).
  • Students are not to share a bedroom with any host family member unless approval is received from the student’s parents and the educational provider.
  • Shared room arrangements must have approval from HHA and the students’ parents. This can only be arranged for the same gender students and with similar age. Please note it must be one bed to one student, shared beds are not permitted.
  • A lockable bathroom and student allowed a reasonable time to shower (maximum 10 minutes)
  • The home, in general, should be appropriately cleaned and kept hazard-free.
  • Appropriate home security and emergency planning. Please ensure that students understand how to evacuate the premises in case of a fire or any other type of emergency.