Educational Tour

The Educational Tour is an opportunity for students to explore their particular interest in an Australian cultured experience.

  • The length of tours can range from 2 – 12 weeks
  • The size of an Educational Tour can vary from 10 – 50 students
  • The tour can occur anytime of the year
  • The types of Educational Tours;
    • Cultural Tour : Daily sight tour + Homestay
    • Music Camp : Music rehearsal + Concert + Homestay
    • Sport Camp : Sports training + Tournaments + Homestay
    • Study Tour : Schooling + Homestay

Homestay is an essential part of the Educational Tour program to enhance the purpose of the tour for the students. HHA is both highly experienced in designing the tour program and organising the homestay placements. Homestay placement is particularly important as the tour students will need to be matched with the host family that have the same interests and involvements.

HHA are able to customise new Educational Tour programs to meet a group’s particular interest, delivering it through the best possible experience.
If you are interested in HHA Educational Tour Program and require further information, please contact us via email: