About Homestay?

‘Homestay’ means living in a ‘Home’ environment where families grow in a loving, caring and safe place with parents and even grandparents sharing their wisdom and knowledge in a happy and encouraging atmosphere.

For young and reserved students, Homestay’s make the ideal choice. The supportive ‘Home’ environment promotes academic success while simultaneously transmitting valuable life skills and family values through learning to live with others of a different culture. These life skills prove of great value in future careers, relationships and when you start a family of your own.

If you choose to live with a family with children you can expect to be looked upon as an older brother or sister to the host family’s children. You will see parenting skills in action from your host parents.

You can help around the household just as any other family would, and may even want to try your hand in the kitchen! Without knowing it in no time at all, you’ll develop a sense of belonging.

Your English language skills will improve as you constantly communicate with your host family and their friends. Good communicates form the basis of success in life, work and every relationship and are a valuable skill.

What do I get?

  • Your own bedroom in a safe, comfortable family home.
  • Nutritious meals shared with your host family.
  • Plenty of opportunities to develop your English communication skills with your homestay family.
  • Opportunities to learn practical life skills in a caring and understanding environment.
  • Plenty of opportunities to make friends and meet new people outside your studies.

What should I bring?

  • A good attitude and willingness to explore life.

They say experience is the best teacher and life is the best university. Coming with a positive outlook and open mind will let you see that learning can be fun and not all education occurs in the classroom. 

– Happy Homestay Adelaide Team –