Process Information

1) Application Form

Complete the HHA Host Application Form

2) Documents

  • Once we have received your homestay application, within 3-5 working days HHA will send you the following documents which need to be signed;
    – Child Protection Code of Conduct for Homestay Families
    – Homestay Service Agreement
    – Guidelines for Host Families
  • Provide the Department of Human Services (DHS) screening check for each 18+ year old person in your house. If you don’t have a current DHS screening check, we will arrange an DHS online application for you.

3) Home Visit and Host family Interview

HHA will be in touch with you to organise a time to visit and inspect your home.
The visit is an opportunity for the host family to hear from our HHA coordinator about the expected responsibilities and requirements as the hosts. The host family should also feel free to express any questions or concerns during the visit.

4) Insurance

It is a mandatory requirement for all Host Families to have an acceptable liability insurance policy to cover them during the stay of their students. Please obtain one of the following insurances that best suit you:

  1. Owner Occupiers : Home and Contents containing Public Liability of $20 million
  2. Tenants : Contents insurance policy with $20 million liability
  3. If you don’t currently have any of the above; We recommended the policy Homestay Host Insurance-plus (Provider Group Code: SA02)

5) Student Placement

Once the DHS screening check, all the documents and homestay inspection have been approved, HHA will begin looking to make a suitable student placement for you. Please be aware, we cannot guarantee an immediate student placement. Not only does HHA like to ensure the best possible match between student and host family, but the student arrival and study location is not in our control.

6) Homestay payment, regular contact and Homestay revisit

  • Homestay payment will begin once a student/s is placed into your home.
    The deposit will be made fortnightly in advance to your nominated bank account. Please see the 2023 Homestay Host Reimbursement.
  • HHA coordinators will contact you on a regular basis to check up on the welfare of your student.
  • Homestays will be revisited every 6 months, however host families or student’s parents/guardians can request a visit from a HHA coordinator to check on their student/s at any stage.