Student Guidelines

Courtesy and Attitude

It is always important to be polite, respectful, and friendly to your homestay members;

  • Remember to say “please” when asking and to respond with “thank you” when receiving.
  • Be mindful of your host family’s privacy, knock before you enter a room – you shouldn’t enter a room that is not yours without permission.
  • Try to keep the noise level low, especially at night – you don’t want to disturb your host family sleeping.
  • When you want to go out after school or on the weekend, your host parent/s must be informed beforehand where you are going and what time you will return they must agree

Saving Resources

In Australia water is a precious resource, we ask that you be mindful in how you use it;

  • Please keep your shower times short (no more than 10 minutes) 
  • Remember to turn the tap off when you brush your teeth, try not to keep water unnecessarily running

Electricity is also important to save. Please turn off all lights in your bedroom when you no longer need them;

  • In the morning, open your blinds/curtains to let natural light in – you don’t need to use a light when the sun is shining
  • After you leave your bedroom please ensure all lights have been turned off – don’t forget desk lamps, they can be easy to miss. 


It is expected that you take part in helping to keep your homestay household clean.   Please;

  • Maintain a neat and tidy bedroom.
  • If you make any mess in a common use area (eg. bathroom, living room, etc.), clean it up afterwards so it is the same as before.

It is always nice to offer your help to your host family with tasks such as; washing up after meals, setting / wiping down the table, taking out the rubbish, etc.


Your host family will provide your meals each day;

  • Breakfast in most Australian host families is self-served. You won’t have a full cooked meal but rather a selection of common Australian breakfast items (such as; cereal / toast / fruit / yoghurt / milk / juice) to help yourself to.
  • Lunch will be made/packed by your host family. This type of meal can vary/range from typical Australian sandwiches to containers of heat-up food, it depends on what your host family is used to cooking.
  • Dinner is cooked by your host family. It is similar to lunch in that the variety, style, and cuisine can vary according to the host family, however, it is more common for dinner to be a hot cooked meal.  

If you wish to go out with your friends for a meal, you must communicate your plan with your host parents (see above “Courtesy and Attitude”).


  • Your host parent will wash your clothing once a week, be sure to have the unclean clothes in a wash basket to make this easier for them. 
  • Any clothes that require hand washing is your responsibility and must be washed in the laundry
  • You are not allowed to dry/hang any wet clothing in your bedroom – please discuss with your host family where you can hang the clothes up.


Your homestay will provide you with access to their internet during your stay. 

  • The internet is mainly for the usage of your studies. Please do not download music, movies, online games, or other online entertainment unless you have permission from your host parents. 
  • Under no circumstances should you be viewing inappropriate or sexually explicit material.


  • Please communicate clearly to your host family if you have any concerns or issues. It is important to discuss the matter as soon as possible so bigger problems can be prevented from arising.
  • Please do not hesitate to ask your host family questions, they are always willing to help you and to make sure you are feeling comfortable.


If you ever want to bring a friend over to your homestay house, you must receive permission from your host parents beforehand.

House Key

  • Your host family will give you a house key, it is your responsibility to look after the key during your stay and return it once you leave.
  • If you happen to lose the house key, you will need to pay the replacement fee.

Smoking and Alcohol

Smoking, alcohol and non-prescription drugs are prohibited in your homestay.


If you damage anything at your homestay, you must inform your host parent/s about it immediately. If the damage is beyond normal wear and tear it will be your responsibility.